Uncle Duff and Dave’s Lawn Services works with Kane County Landscape Material and Supply in Elburn. Kane County Landscape Material and Supply has a wide variety of mulches available for your landscaping needs. If you know how many yards of mulch you need, we can quote you via email.


Red Cedar

The Red Cedar Mulch smells just like a cedar closet when it is first installed. It is a thicker mulch and does not breakdown as much as the double and triple ground mulches.


premium hardwood

There’s nothing fake about this premium hardwood. The premium hardwood is triple shred and will break down and provide your flower beds with essential nutrients.


Dark Natural

If you like the look of the premium hardwood, the dark natural mulch is a close match. The mulch is double shred and is a nice dark brown without any dyes.



Keep the little ones safe with the playmat mulch. It has been tumbled to reduce sharp edges.


KC 3

The KC3 is a unique blend of mulch which includes log, bark and branches. The mulch has been triple ground.



For those on a budget, there is an economy mulch available for installation.


dyed red

Dyed Brown

dyed black

We can install three different dyed mulches. We can install a red mulch, which is a nice red. A dyed brown and a dyed black. The dyed black looks sharp around a house which is black and white. However,  your plants may not like all the heat the black mulch attracts.